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🔥Today only $29.9🐔Best chicken coop🏡

🔥Today only $29.9🐔Best chicken coop🏡

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Easy to clean chicken coop
Eggs aside, there is one guarantee when it comes to raising chickens: poop! Unlike traditional wooden chicken coops, your chicken coop is extremely easy to maintain. Droppings fall through the coop floor and collect in the removable droppings tray. By pressing the two hidden buttons, the tray can be slid out and thrown into your compost pile. The entire rear panel is easily removed to access the slotted floor which, along with the partition wall, can be removed for cleaning.
Since everything is made of durable plastic, you can hose down, scrub, or pressure wash the entire coop.
We recommend the following cleaning program:
Empty tray: once a week (2 minutes) 
Water the components: once a month (5 minutes)
Pressure wash or scrub: twice a year. Once in winter, and once after winter. (5 minutes)
Moving your chicken coop
If you want to put your chickens on fresh grass every few days, the optional puncture-proof chicken coop wheels make moving and operating the coop easy! Simply engage the wheels by pressing and locking the pedals, then lift the front of the treadmill and pull. Your chickens will happily wander around inside the run when you move it to a new location.
If you keep your chickens in one place, we recommend putting sand (play or construction works well) in the enclosure. This helps keep things clean and dry. Any poop will mix with the sand, attracting worms for the chickens to eat.

The race

Your chicken run is made from extremely durable welded steel wire. Unlike traditional “wire mesh”, predators cannot break the mesh panels. The wire is coated to protect it from rust and the green goes well with your garden.
To prevent digging predators like foxes, skunks and dogs, the enclosure is connected to a metal skirt that extends on all sides. Any predator that attempts to dig will be stopped by the skirt.
Run Access Doors
Your Cube has stable style doors at the end of the run for access to your chickens, their food and water. Door pins keep the door securely closed or can be used to hold the door open. Only open the top door to change their food or water while preventing your chickens from sneaking in from the bottom. Open the bottom door when you let your chickens roam free in the garden.

Fully expandable execution

If you want to give your chickens a little more space, your chicken run can be enlarged in 1m increments. Each 1m section contains coated steel tubes for support and 3 mesh panels. Additional sections can be added to your course at any time by removing the front side of the course, adding the extension, then reattaching the front to the new course length.


Where do they roost?

At night, chickens sleep by roosting as if they were in a tree, clinging to a branch. Your chicken coop maximizes space by having a floor that IS the roost! This design minimizes fighting for the highest perch (all bars are level) and since chickens do most of their bowel movements at night, droppings fall into the droppings tray for easy cleanup.

How to collect eggs?

Collecting your eggs is so easy thanks to the egg port on the side of the Cube. Come in and get your fresh (sometimes still warm) eggs. If one of your hens is laying eggs, come back later but don't forget to give them a pat on the back for a job well done.

Where do they lay the eggs?

Your chickens will lay their eggs in the nest box inside the chicken coop. At first, your chickens may not know that they should lay their eggs in the nest box, so we suggest fake eggs and soft bedding like pine shavings to show them where.

The coop door opens from the outside

When it's time to open the door in the morning or close it in the evening, there's no need to fiddle with latches or finicky mechanisms. Simply lift and turn the knob to open or close the door. The lock pin engages when the button is pushed down and holds the door firmly open or closed.

Dimensions and material

The chicken coop is perfect for 10 dwarf chickens, 6 to 8 medium sized chickens or 4 to 5 large breed chickens. When installing your, you should allow 90cm of space at the back of the house to allow the droppings bin to slide easily and 60cm at the front to allow you to open the door to the litter box. 'enclosure.
Home:   100% recyclable and UV stabilized plastic 
Execution:   Fully coated welded steel mesh
What is included?
Each chicken coop comes with everything you need to start your flock! Just add the chickens and feed them. 
Inside the box you will find a drinker and a feeder. To maximize enclosure space, both are suspended inside the enclosure. Hanging them up minimizes food waste and water dirt. Food and water should never be placed inside a chicken coop.
You will also receive a pack of egg cartons. Each carton contains 4 eggs and is the perfect size for sharing all the free eggs you receive from your chickens with family and friends. Instead of a bottle of wine, bring fresh eggs to your next dinner party. The host will love it!.
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